uPVC Case Study: K. Grendahl


Nestled in East Kilbride, a remarkable sandstone residence embarked on a journey to elevate its charm and efficiency by upgrading aging timber windows and doors. The homeowners sought a solution that promised durability, aesthetic allure, and enhanced efficiency. In response to their needs, we recommended the installation of unique Flush Sash Windows and Flush French Doors, offering a distinct appearance coupled with improved glass coverage compared to conventional casement and French door options.

Project Scope

The project involved the complete replacement of the existing windows with uPVC Flush Casement Windows and the installation of three sets of uPVC French Doors, meticulously chosen to complement the unique character of the sandstone home.

Aesthetics and Authenticity

To maintain the timeless appeal of the property, all products were expertly finished in a beautiful Rosewood colour, artfully replicating the look of the original timber windows and doors. For a touch of contemporary elegance, chrome hardware was selected, adding a subtle yet sophisticated accent to the overall design.

A notable feature of the project was the adoption of Flush French Doors, equipped with black butt hinges instead of the standard bulky flag hinges. This choice not only enhanced the visual appeal of the doors but also contributed to a more streamlined and modern aesthetic.

Customer Satisfaction

The homeowners were thoroughly impressed with the transformative impact of the upgrade. The efficiency gains and improved comfort within the home were immediately noticeable, attributed to the advanced design and materials of the uPVC Flush Casement Windows and uPVC French Doors. Beyond functionality, the aesthetic enhancements garnered praise, with the Rosewood finish and chrome hardware seamlessly blending tradition and contemporary style.


This project stands as a testament to the successful marriage of efficiency and aesthetics. The incorporation of unique flush sash windows and French doors not only addressed the practical needs of the homeowners but also added a touch of sophistication, ensuring the sandstone home in East Kilbride now boasts both timeless charm and modern efficiency.