Case Study: Bespoke uPVC Sliding Sash Windows
Installation for a Sandstone Property in Glasgow Rutherglen

Client: C. Connor


Our client, based in Glasgow Rutherglen, owned a stunning sandstone property adorned with old timber sash and case windows. Seeking a modern, energy-efficient solution while preserving the charm of the stained glass from the existing windows, the client approached us for assistance.

Project Requirements

Energy Efficiency: The client desired enhanced energy performance without compromising the traditional sash and case window functionality.
Aesthetic Appeal: They sought a colour scheme that would complement the sandstone exterior while standing out.
Preservation of Stained Glass: It was crucial to salvage and incorporate the stained glass from the old windows into the new design.
Maintaining Sightlines: To mimic the appearance of traditional timber sash windows, maintaining similar sightlines was essential.


After careful assessment, we proposed the installation of our uPVC Sliding Sash Windows. Key features included:

Material and Colour: Slate grey exterior and white interior uPVC Sliding Sash Windows with antique black hardware, providing a modern yet classic aesthetic.
Run Through Sash Horns: These were suggested to closely replicate the appearance of the old timber windows, enhancing the traditional look.
Stained Glass Preservation: Through our encapsulation process, we meticulously cleaned, repaired, and encapsulated the old stained glass into new sealed units, ensuring its preservation and integration into the new windows.
Sightline Preservation: To maintain the sightlines resembling traditional timber sash windows, we removed internal boxes and finished internally with brand new Pine finishes.

Installation Process

A total of 6 new uPVC Sliding Sash Windows were installed, each meticulously crafted to meet the client’s specifications. Care was taken to preserve the existing architraves, which were carefully removed and reinstalled post-window installation.

Client Feedback

The client was thrilled with the end result, noting a significant improvement in room warmth and appreciating the charm of the encapsulated stained glass. They expressed delight in the bespoke nature of the project and their satisfaction with the overall outcome.


This project exemplifies our commitment to providing tailored solutions that blend modern functionality with traditional aesthetics. Through meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, we were able to deliver a bespoke window installation that met the client’s unique requirements and exceeded their expectations, resulting in a delighted and satisfied customer.