Case Study: PT Glazing Transforms a Historic Property based in
Newton Mearns, Glasgow

Client: V. Fell

Project Overview

PT Glazing recently undertook a transformative project in Newton Mearns, Glasgow, involving the renovation of a magnificent old detached sandstone property. The client sought to preserve the character of their home’s Crittle windows and diamond leading while addressing issues of inefficiency, draughts, and single glazing across 12 windows and one timber front door.


The existing Crittle windows presented significant challenges due to their inefficiency and draughty nature. Single glazing further exacerbated these issues, compromising the comfort and energy efficiency of the property. The client’s desire to retain the traditional aesthetics of diamond leading posed an additional challenge.


PT Glazing proposed their Aluminium Heritage range, specifically designed for refurbishment and renewal projects, particularly in historically sensitive areas like Newton Mearns. This range seamlessly blends timeless elegance with modern thermal performance, boasting impressive u-values as low as 1.4 to meet contemporary building regulations. The Heritage windows are also thermally broken for maximum efficiency.

To fulfil the client’s preference for white frames, PT Glazing recommended Sensations Frost White, which adds a captivating sparkle when illuminated by sunlight. All aluminium products offered by PT Glazing undergo powder coating to comply with British, European, and Qualicoat Standards, ensuring durability and longevity.

To preserve the traditional charm of diamond leading, PT Glazing supplied brand new double-glazed high-performance glass with a centre pane value of 1.0, featuring meticulously crafted diamond leading. For a cohesive aesthetic, the client opted for classic Art Deco handles in white to complement the frame colour.


The client was thrilled with the final result, noting a remarkable improvement in the comfort of their home. Gone were the drafts from doors and windows, replaced by a snug interior environment. Moreover, the property maintained its cherished traditional appearance while benefiting from outstanding energy efficiency.


PT Glazing’s meticulous attention to detail and expertise in heritage window solutions successfully transformed the Newton Mearns property. By seamlessly blending traditional aesthetics with modern functionality, PT Glazing delivered not only enhanced comfort and energy efficiency but also preserved the unique character of the historic home. Another exemplary project completed by PT Glazing, showcasing their commitment to excellence in glazing solutions.