Aluminium Case Study: Engine Works

Client Overview

The Engine Works is an events company based in Glasgow, Scotland. As a commercial venue hosting a variety of events, they required critical-style doors that not only matched their aesthetic preferences but also offered durability to withstand high traffic.

Client Needs

The Engine Works sought doors with a critical-style aesthetic that could withstand the demands of a commercial environment. They required Aluminium Doors that combined style with functionality, ensuring durability, safety, and ease of use. Specifically, the client desired heritage-style doors in a textured black finish, complete with soft closers for gradual closing and long, slim handles for convenience.

Solution Provided

Upon understanding the client’s requirements, a tailored solution was proposed that perfectly matched their needs. The installation of heritage-style doors featuring textured black finishes, providing the desired critical-style aesthetic while ensuring durability for high-traffic commercial use.

To meet safety standards and enhance user experience, soft closers were integrated into the Aluminium Entrance Doors. These soft closers ensured that the doors closed gradually, promoting safety and preventing accidents in the busy venue environment.

Moreover, to facilitate ease of use, long slim handles were incorporated into the door design, allowing smooth operation for staff and visitors alike.

In addition to the doors themselves, mullions and transoms were carefully installed to further enhance the heritage look desired by the client. These elements contributed to the overall aesthetic appeal of the doors while maintaining their functionality and durability.

Project Outcome

The completion of the project resulted in a highly satisfied client. The Engine Works was delighted with the finished job, as it not only met but exceeded their expectations. The Aluminium Entrance Doors seamlessly integrated into the venue’s aesthetic, providing the desired critical-style appearance while ensuring durability and functionality in a high-traffic environment.

The soft closers and long slim handles contributed to the safety and ease of use, enhancing the overall experience for staff and visitors. The addition of mullions and transoms further elevated the heritage look, adding to the venue’s charm and character.