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Green Planet and Eco-Friendly Deals

Truth about Green planet and Eco-friendly deals

Truth about Green planet and Eco-friendly deals

When you are given a quote from a salesman that has been in your home, you may notice a variety of different options on the quote sheet. Firstly, most companies will offer a 12 month fixed price, which is exceptionally high and inflated. The reason that it is on the sheet in the first place? To make the other offers more appealing.

A ‘Green Planet or Eco-friendly Promotion’ sounds like it has something to do with the environment – perhaps energy efficiency or a government environmental initiative? The sad reality is that it is not linked to any kind of ‘green’ environmental policy and is instead a way of making you think you are getting a discount and a good deal. To qualify for the green discount, you need to agree to immediate work, have some photos taken of that work, and display a board in your garden advertising the company.

The reason for having both the 12-month fixed price and the promotional price on the quote sheet is for you to think you are getting a discount. The small print at the bottom states that to get the discounted price, you will need to agree instantly on the day that you receive the quote – convincing buyers to part with their money before they have thought it through.

Always ensure that you are not pressured into a decision by a company. You need time to consider all your options before choosing where to spend your hard-earned money.